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Ukázka v podobě jiné verze písně (7” version).

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Text písně

I’ll come to rest
When I have done my best
Someday we’ll meet again
Faded and pale from pain
Someday take care to see
What you have denied to me
Someday with open eyes
Look out the future of our days
Someday you’ll follow
His light for ever at my side
Someday he may come back
To those who love for his sake

Until you sight is clear
Until you will lose all fear
Until you silence hear
Until you find life is dear

Go, go, go there now
Give, give, your heart and soul to praying
Want, want, want you know
Know, know that some false words are lying

Someday I shall kiss you
And seal a bond for ever
Someday make love to you
Wawes breathing sweet and tender
Someday stop telling me
Your feelings when you’re mine
Someday stop leaving me
Running away to hide
Someday you’re trying
How to make his name your own
Someday you’ll by dying
To rise high and not come down


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